Evgeny Roschin

Dr. Evgeny  graduated from the Moscow State University of Medicine and Dentistry in 2004. He is a specialist in prosthodontic & orthodontic dentistry. He completed his PhD in 2011.

Author of 13 patents, the main area of research is devoted to functional diagnostics in dentistry and analysis of the parameters involved in the articulation of the lower jaw. Besides being the primary developer of the new optical axiograph Dentograf, which may be used for the articulation of research n / h, even during childhood he is also the main developer of the first electronic articulator, allowing full play any trajectory n / h using plaster models, on a pre-recorded trajectories. Dr. Evgeny is also the author of “New diagnostic algorithms for patients with TMJ dysfunction“.

In 2013 he became the director of “Prosystom”. The company is engaged in the development and manufacture of equipment for functional diagnostics, as well as the development of software allowing patients to carry out a comprehensive analysis on the previously obtained axiography data, computed tomography and electromyography. In 2016 his company has developed a new sensor that allows you to record the presence of bruxism patients during sleep.